Welcome to Primateria Sport

Primateria Sport is a part of Primateria AB which offers products and services to companies around the globe. Primateria has specialized in helping companies to increase there productivity and profitability within the manufacturing industry. A major part of our work is focused on optimizing cutting tools and components for best possible performance.

Primateria Sport use the knowledge and experience within Primateria and transfer these to sports products in areas like cross country and downhill skiing.

Our goal with Primateria Sport is to improve and simplify common tools and products which are used in the world of sports.


Now we have all our products on stock again and many of them with significantly reduced prices. Contact our retailers for prices.




Links to our retailers:

Skistart.com (internet sales)

Enklaresport vhd  (internet sales)

Ski Team Ramstedt (internet sales in Finland)

Hankuri Sport (internet sales in Finland)

Mats Skidservice (sales and ski service)